Tom Soisson
Died: December 2021

Mr Soisson’s story is being told by his wife, Amelia Soisson.

When Obama was president and they were creating the Healthcare act there was discussion of a “death panel”. It never amounted to much but I remember thinking how frightening that possibility was: someone deciding if you were worth the effort of keeping alive!

Today, I believe UPMC is part of that death panel. The arrogant gods of pseudo ,heartless medicine tried to kill my husband several times. They overdosed him on diabetes meds and never took responsibility. The sent him home from the hospital many times near death as If that were ok. He trusted his doctors so much. They had saved his life with a heart transplant and he was grateful. However it felt to him and me that they were getting tired of his many trips to the ER until finally they called me in and told me he had days to weeks to live.

I looked around his room not recognizing any of the doctors. They were young and full of themselves, making grand statements like, “he’ll never leave the hospital, he’s in renal failure, it’s not worth starting dialysis, it’s too late, his liver is failing and he has heart failure”(which was not true at all). They pumped him full of drugs that made him hallucinate then said he had dementia. They didn’t put him in bed to sleep so he developed bed sores. They would not allow anyone to feed him, or give him liquids as he had suddenly developed a “swallowing issue” (not true). That man loved to eat and they were starving him. He was so parched that after about a week his tongue literally exploded into pieces and a poor aide had to scrape it all out of his mouth. He was still coughing it up when we got him home.

One young female doctor literally hunted me down at my place of work to remind me not to feed him or give him liquids. I lost my mind!! “You said he is dying so what difference does it make?”

We sadly took him home so he could die surrounded by the people who cared about him. After a few weeks of Family Hospice’s occasional visits the nurse asked us “What are we doing here anyway?

I told them, “I have no idea”

My daughter had refused not to give him liquid. We gave him pudding and soup. We checked his blood sugar and kept it in line. All the while he had none of his “life saving” anti- rejection meds.

One morning I came down the stairs afraid of what I might find and an odor hit me that I vividly recognized as the odor that comes when a fever from the flu breaks. I turned the corner and there he was, soaked and shivering. I cleaned him, changed him, cleaned the bed, tucked him back in and went to work.

That day my daughter sent me a photo of him sitting on the back porch in his wheelchair enjoying the outdoors. I knew he was not going to die. Slowly but surely he got so much better. I didn’t want him to go back on the anti rejection meds because I believed his body had purged that poison from his system and that was why he was getting better. We took him to the VA where they took very good care of him but because of his heart transplant eventually had to go back to UPMC. I was devastated. He went back on the meds that Iwas sure were killing him.

Trust me, others know someone who had something similar happen to them. My husband died last December from Covid.,almost five years after the UPMC nightmare. I remember thinking upmc must be relieved.

We are not as safe as we think under a doctor’s care, esp. the younger ones. Be diligent. Get second opinions. Read and research. Trust the pharmacist when it comes to meds, not the doctors who were solicited by drug companies to promote their meds.

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