LaMar “Chuck” Hammel – Warminster, PA
Died: September 9th, 2021
Shore Memorial Hospital – Somers Point, NJ

Chuck’s story is being told by his long time companion, Erin Gardner. Chuck was active in his church activities and specialized in fixing personal computers which he enjoyed doing. Chuck was also in the Young Marine’s Organization out of Willow Grove Naval Air Station. Chuck is survived by his parents, Erin Gardner, and his son David.

Week prior; we went to palmerton, PA for my niece’s engagement party. Saw

My sister, brother in law nieces and nephews and others. My sister said my brother in law came down with covid. We were fine until Tuesday 8/31 – a big day loaded with crazy storms. Headache that didn’t quit. I was still working, he was unemployed, so I let him sleep. He was doing as well as I was, I worked the week by rested on lunch and breaks. Friday was the day to go to the shore. He was “ok” but I asked him a bunch of times, if you don’t feel right, we can cancel. He wanted to go. We even had to return back to the house to get his wallet. It could have been a sign. This was the weekend following the storms that flooded vine street in Philly, so I took another route to the seashore. He started to cough again, and when we arrived at Wawa, I said we can’t have you come into the hotel room like this, should we go back?

We spent much of the time in the hotel room. I hoped he would feel better to get up for the beach the next day. Spent all Saturday and Sunday, but he wasn’t improving. Finally resigned myself that he should see somebody. He took a shower and we went to urgent care. Was treated kindly there but his pulse ox was bad. He needs to go to ER. Here’s where it goes down. Shore memorial, Somers point just outside of OC. My cousin worked there as a nurse 50 years ago. Ok, ER, check in, paperwork etc. waiting for the er nurse to call him.

Evil is absolutely present. I saw it. He was too sick to notice it, but I did.

This is the Sunday pm, before Labor Day. This *^%# sat him in a chair to weigh him and check his vitals- which we knew were not good.

Think Burger King and HIPAA violations.

Ok, so *loudly* and obnoxiously… she yells “HEY, DEAD MAN WALKING… this one got the covid!” “And you have it too…” motioning to me. I feel like I just got slapped. Hello! I tried for some small talk but she ignored me. She leads him over to the wheel chair which has an oxygen tank on it, his back is to me, still wearing the flyers sweat jacket. She puts the cannula on him and raises the gas. She hollers again. “SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR WIFE!!!”

I never see him again. No goodbye, she rolled him away from me.

I go home, after packing the room… clothes, food, toiletries. I get a shower. I CANT SMELL THE SOAP!!!

The dr said to bring his CPAP, so I come in next day and drop it off. He was on a bi-pap then. Weird weird presence when I drop it at the desk. Half of me wants to run to the elevator and find his room. He had never texted me back, or called me the entire time he was there.

I drove home back to PA, in a stony silence. I don’t call anyone, just my son, who is also feeling unwell. We figure on having to get a test. I’m still not feeling great either, but we announce to our jobs, we have had exposure. Friends say hydrate, rest, have vitamins etc. Chuck is still touch and go. I was in a fog, because I didn’t know if remdesivir was good or bad. It’s bad, and it didn’t help him. We know now it’s meant to kill. His pulse ox was not great but better… and I was hopeful he would pull through. I asked for HCQ and ivermectin, and the doctor laughed at me. There’s that fricken laugh again. If I were not so sick, I would have screamed at him. His parents didn’t understand the danger. They thought he was being well taken care of. He had a heart attack overnight, I think Monday into Tuesday

And was placed on the vent. I was sleeping but had a very disturbing dream… like snow on a tv screen… and SCREAMS… that’s Chuck, I know it was.

Now he’s stuck in a room, no visitors, no family, no communication and coma and vent. Disgusting. I am feeling helpless. I call on my friend who knows remote reiki, and asked her to find Chuck in this room in this town, and help him. The doctor was already saying he wasn’t going to make it. “It’s not a matter of if he will have another heart attack, but when.” This is lining up the family to prepare for his eventual passing. If there was more time, and I wasn’t so gobsmacked I would have hollered more. That’s what they want. More sadness to feed the power. More despair that he was going to leave. So, I send Pam. “Please tell him we love him, and don’t give up without a fight. But if you (he) finds that he is in a bad place and cannot get out, RUN TO JESUS. “

She reikied his poor lungs and heart but he was taken off the line the next day and passed away. 9/9/2021 at 3:47. We (my son and I) got our positive result at noon, Chuck was off the vent and passed quickly just before 4. I can’t cry. I can’t speak. I have to tell my son, he’s not coming back. (27, Aspergers). Even if I went after them for the treatment in the ER, you don’t treat anyone like that unless you have an agenda and do not care.