Jarret Lord – Bradenton, FL
Died: September 4th, 2021
Manatee Memorial – Bradenton, FL

Jarret’s story is being told by his wife, Patti Lord. He was a proud Penn State alumni and Dad of 4, he coached lacrosse, basketball, soccer, track, and volunteered with their son’s Boy Scout troop. He and Patti were together for 24 years and would have been married for 20 in December. He loved playing xbox with his friends, golfing, skiing, and spending time with his family.

In August of 2021, myself, my husband and our four children sold our house in Philadelphia and decided to move to Bradenton, FL. My husband had asked me for years to move, and I always had an excuse. Finally, after eighteen months of being locked down, we were moving to a state where you had a choice. A state that allowed you to have a voice, and no one judged you for it. 

August 21, 2021 my husband felt achy and displayed flu like symptoms. two days later he took an at home test and tested positive for covid. Three days after my husband started his symptoms, I began showing symptoms myself. The first seven days my husband had a handle on his symptoms, until the ninth day when he decided to go for the monoclonal antibodies. The following day (August 31st) he drove himself to urgent care where his oxygen was in the 70’s. I picked him up and drove him immediately to the local ER which was Manatee Memorial Hospital. 

So, I sat in the ER with my husband until they triaged him, and that is when they told me that I had to leave. That is the last time I saw my husband alive. We communicated through text messages and through Facebook messenger because the reception in the hospital was very spotty. Through text I learned that my husband was sharing a room in the ER with another gentleman who also had covid. This gentleman happened to be vaccinated, and magically he was transferred to a room in the hospital. My husband had an x-ray done which he discovered he was suffering from covid pneumonia. He sat in the hospital overnight waiting for the next steps of what could be done. He had bloodwork taken, and that would determine if he could be treated with remdesivir. 

Sept. 1, 2021 Infectious disease team came in to discuss that remdesivir would be started. Remdesivir treatments are approved and started. My husband communicated with me that there were no blankets, or pillows in the hospital and needed to be dropped off. He also made it known through text messages that he asked for a commode over an hour ago, pain meds, etc., and it was almost impossible to get a nurse to attend to him.

After several attempts of trying to call the emergency room, I had no luck. I called someone in administration to ask why my husband was still in the ER, and the woman let me know that there were other patients in worse condition that needed the room. I explained that my husband was on 100% oxygen, only sustaining in the high 80’s-low 90’s with full oxygen. It still did not matter. She would not here a word I said.

On Sept. 4, 2021 at 2:36 a.m. I received the worst call of my life. I answered assuming i would hear my husband’s voice on the other line. Instead, it was the voice of a woman. The conversation goes like this.

Woman: Mrs. Lord?

Me: Yes

Woman: I’m calling to give you and update on Jarret

Me: Ok

Woman: We found him 20 minutes ago

Me: You found him? What does that mean?

Woman: Can someone bring you here?

Me: My Mom can. What do you mean you found him? Are you saying my husband isn’t alive?

Woman: I’m so sorry….

Upon arriving to the hospital with our two younger children the stares and the glares we received from the hospital staff was daunting. I looked around and saw one nurse wiping her tears as fast as she could. I went into the room to view my husband’s body, and I began touching his chest and rubbing him. Only to be screamed at by a man that sat there watching me, and he said, “Now you have to go wash your hands and put gloves on.” I was numb, so I followed his orders to do so. After Identifying my husband’s body, I asked what should we do now? The hospital staff member said she would bring the nurse manager in. They put four chairs for us to sit in, and pulled the curtain to cover us. A few minutes later a woman pulled back the curtain and said,  “What can I do for you?” It was said with the least amount of compassion, and empathy that I have ever heard. At that point I just wanted to leave. No compassion, no empathy, not even the slightest bit of understanding came from a single staff member. My husband was just a number to them. My entire world, came crashing down, and he was just a number.

So, after all of that, after the numbness wore off….I sent for my husband’s medical records. I knew something did not add up. I learned that my husband was found on the floor, and believed to have been deceased for about thirty minutes before a code blue was called. He was only discovered on the floor because a staff member happened to walk past his makeshift ER room and see someone lying on the floor. What happened to monitors going off?  Every page on his records said, “Unvaccinated”, and they even had in there that “wife also has covid”.

My mom was a nurse that was on the covid floor, so she gave my husband many suggestions while in the ER. Her biggest one was to get onto your stomach. His response was, “I am too weak and they have not suggested it.” After speaking with one of his nurses they told him no he’s too big and too weak. I also had a friend that had covid pneumonia who was not given remdesivir because he had covid pneumonia. The protocols country wide is not making sense. No one is on the same page! After two years of this nonsense why are we not using medication that works!!!!

I am living proof that ivermectin works!!! I too had covid and was three days behind my husband. My breathing was taking a turn for the worse. I found a doctor that prescribed me a cocktail that saved me! It included ivermectin, steroids, antibiotics and nebulizer treatments every four hours. I am here today because of number one, not going to the hospital, and two, because I took alternative medication that actually saves people.