Larry Colangelo – Vintondale, PA
Died: September 1st, 2021
UPMC Altoona

Larry’s story is being told by his surviving wife, Susan Colangelo. Owner/ Operator of L & J Oil Field Services and Apollo Resources, LLC along with his wife Susan. Larry enjoyed spending time with his family and fishing with his grandchildren.

We both were taken to Altoona UPMC hospital by ambulance on Aug. 8th. I was deathly ill my husband wasn’t as bad. We were admitted. When I arrived they immediately told me I might have to be vented. My husband test positive and so did I. They put us in the same room. We insisted upon it. They put us on IVs not sure what they put in us till 5 days later they just said they were treating us for covid. I knew they gave me Doxycycline steroids later after 5 day remdesivir, oxygen and puffers.

They told me I had covid pneumonia. Larry didn’t have pneumonia just covid. He could breathe that little tool they tell you to breathe into to the top me it just juggled. He could do this till they vented him. He was going down after 5 days they had to put him on high flower hot air. While he was on that the first night it ran out of water and our buzzers didn’t work right it was burning his lungs I was screaming for someone to help him . They were like it’s no big deal.

Larry only received steroids a Z-pack by pill and another antibiotic by pill . No puffers . They had him use another mask to breathe in along with the high flow hot air vent. I begged the doctors to give him Hydroxychloroquine, vitamin c d etc. Told me he couldn’t it was against hospital policy. They wanted him to go on a cpap machine he couldn’t handle the mask. I told them I will get a different mask and bring it in so he wouldn’t feel like he wasn’t suffocating and claustrophobic. They said no that was not their policy they refused. Meanwhile during this whole time he is up going to the bathroom etc. I can’t even barely get off the bed he is up and down and trying to lay on his side etc. His one mask kept falling on the floor where he would look at me roll his eyes and use the handy wipes from dinner to clean it.

My son contacted Front-line doctors and ordered ivermectin etc. By this time they said he had sugar. I asked when were we to get remdesivir they said we already did. Now they are giving him insulin. Still no improvement on breathing not offering anything different. No puffers until the day before they vented him . They put him off the cpap before they had his oxygen ready he was soo pissed..They said I was good to go home on oxygen but I refused I was afraid to leave him. They gave him morphine so he could handle wearing the cpap. It was awful he got worse. He was still getting up going to the bathroom. No IVs being used not liquids to keep him hydrated all he wanted was ice chips to cool him off and he kept saying he was so thirsty.

They took his blood on the 24th doctors came in at 8 told him he had carbon monoxide poisoning and he needed to be vented I said no you need to give him ivermectin no I kept saying Larry was waving me to be quiet it was OK. They told me to kiss him good bye then they knocked him out and took him to ICU where they said both lobes of his lungs had bacterial pneumonia and covid. I said they why wasn’t he given Doxycycline before the whole time they said he didn’t have pneumonia. Then they had to put him on dialysis his liver failed kidneys lung collapsed and he fibrillated. He died a week later from being vented.

We called with iv instructions on what we wanted administered they said no of that would work that was against their covid protocol. We said we have a right to try. You gave him an experimental drug remdesivir . He was dying they refused said they tried these things in the past didn’t work .said we were crazy to give him a drug used for horses . Etc.

I can seem to locate a good attorney willing to fight them. This is exactly 100% what they are doing they are killing people for money. I have all his records every note . I also know a lot of people are dying from their covid protocol. Remdesivir, Ivermectin and another drug was approved for use in July 2021. It’s on a government website. I have a copy of it. Also a memo stating that Medicare would give 2500 bonuses for the use of remdesivir. This is also on a government website.