Web of lies

With all the pain and suffering going on with people’s loved ones dying at the hands of corrupt healthcare systems and deadly protocols, you would think that everyone on this side of the fence would be banding together to take a common stand against a common enemy. At least, you would think. One group in particular doesn’t seem to feel this way and when another website or group sets out to help spread awareness, they take it upon themselves to spread vicious lies about the persons or groups who they think they are ‘in competition’ with them.

This group is Protocol Kills LLC. They’ve targeted several groups and their leaders and members, creating lies and a divide among the different groups sharing victim’s stories, including us, Fight For Christy Inc. Let’s dispel some of these rumors and lies and shed some light on the REAL Protocol Kills. The main members of their group are Greta Crawford, Therese Hernandez, Anthony Schenck, and Kristi Schmadl.

It all started back in February when we shared the story of Austin Miles, given to us by his wife, Cristi Miles. Cristi, like many others, shared his story with multiple sites, us included. We were given permission to post and share their story after Cristi was given the opportunity to read over what we were to share, as is what we do with every victim who shares their story with us. We shared it on Facebook including one of many Facebook groups dedicated to spreading awareness and sharing stories of our lost loved ones. Greta Crawford, who also goes by ‘Shannon Crawford’ in a secondary Facebook account, saw that we shared a story that was also on Protocol Kills and immediately went on the defensive and accused us of STEALING her work, begging for donations, searching out and contacting everyone they’ve posted stories about, and more. Let’s dive into these lies, shall we?

Stealing Stories

As we mentioned, this all started with Cristi and Austin’s story. You can ask anyone who’s story we have shared, we have a process. Those wanting to share fill out the story submission form and we ask them to provide some photos of their loved one. We don’t change the story, only correcting spelling and some formatting errors (converting 1 long paragraph into seperate paragraphs) while still maintaining the original content. Once we have completed the post, we then show it to them and gain their approval, and at that point and only that point do we share the story wherever we can. Images can be clicked for full resolution viewing.

This is pretty much our standard procedure. After creation, we allow the person who submitted a chance to review the content and offer up any requested changes. Until we get final consent, the story does not go any further.

We don’t create our own content. We only use what’s supplied to us. Here you see Cristi say that she was able to email us the document (story) we requested, as well as sending us photos to use

We figured this would be enough proof to Greta that we didn’t steal anything from her, but apparently it was not. Greta commented on one of the posts we made in a group, and Cristi even came to our defense! That didn’t matter to Greta, she wants to be the ONLY place to read these stories, as she demands multiple times that we delete the story and instead post a link to the story that she posted on her site!

Greta even managed to instill enough fear into one of the people who shared a story with both of us, that they felt the need to lie and go along with whatever Greta said, also accusing us of stealing her story and posting it without permission. She reportedly told Greta and Therese that she asked us multiple times to delete the story and that we never had permission to post it in the first place. Had she actually asked us to remove it, we would have done so immediately. While going through the process of creating the post for her, she spoke of how “It’s sad people don’t want the truth out”. Pot…..meet Kettle.

To date, we still have yet to see Greta produce any evidence of any of her claims.

Begging for Donations / Making money off victims

As if being accused of stealing stories isn’t bad enough, Greta and Therese have publicly claimed multiple times that I (Matthew Cresto) am keeping the donation money we receive for personal use. I offered up all bank records and paypal records to show this just isn’t the case, but they continue to tell people these same lies.

So apparently we are making money off of donations. Again… Pot, meet Kettle. Maybe Greta just feels guilty for taking advantage of people? Here’s her February 17th newsletter…

text highlighted so it’s visible

Taking donations and selling low quality shirts at high prices, for what? To pay your personal bills? Sounds a lot like what you accused us and others of.

Greta, my offer still stands. Let’s compare bank and paypal statements!

All of our donations are only used towards helping others. Not 1 penny (including my initial investment in the business) ever goes to myself or anyone I’m related to. One of the things we do is pay for Facebook advertising for our posts and some of the stories we’ve shared. Examples :

We pay for spreading the word…What’s Greta do?

Searching out everyone they’ve shared

It’s no secret, traffic doesn’t just come to you automatically. You have to do the leg work and find people willing to tell their stories. What’s not true is the methods Greta and Therese insist we’ve been using. Yes we’ve contacted people on Facebook in several groups, looking for signs of loss, such as saying “my <insert relative> died of <insert cause>” but we’ve never directly gone to any website sharing stories to hunt them down on Facebook. Protocol Kills however has done something like this! One of the other websites targeted by them has a support group meeting, similar to a Zoom call. Therese requested that Anthony be invited to the support group meeting and he was. Little did this group know it was a trap. Anthony began making comments about ‘taking money from victims’ (hmm sounds familiar?) and amazingly, after the meeting was over, all of the people who had joined began receiving emails from Protocol Kills asking for them to share their story with Protocol Kills.

To be completely transparent, once we started sharing the stories of others, WE DID reach out to Protocol Kills with the intent of bringing LOTS of websites together to collaborate and share stories, studies, etc. Instead of replying they weren’t interested they just ignored my email. At no time did I say I’d give them Christy’s story in exchange for any number of their stories, let alone an exact number of 54 Therese is claiming above.

Real classy guys. So again it seems Protocol Kills is doing EXACTLY what they accuse others of doing…even to groups THAT SUPPORTED THEM.


Greta says we’ve threatened her. In what way? Yes we did warn them that unless they removed the blatant lies to defame and discredit myself and our work, I may take legal action. Claims of harassment, bullying, stalking, and threats should not be taken lightly, yet Greta has no problem with making them herself.

“He doesn’t know who he is trying to push around”
“Don’t worry bad news travels fast”
“my husband wants 2 seconds with him person”

2 second in person? What are we going to do Greta? Hold hands and sing Kumbaya? This was a screenshot sent to me by Anthony Schenck just before he ended the conversation.

I’m starting to see a pattern here…EVERYTHING they accuse us and others of, is exactly what they’re doing themselves.

Greta’s actions and posts have caused a division in a movement that was supposed to bring everyone together for a common cause. Instead, she makes victims feel like they have to stay quiet or they’ll be punished too.

A victim speaking to another group about Greta
A victim speaking to another group about Greta
A victim speaking to another group about Greta
A victim speaking to another group about Greta

These were sent in anonymously:

Victim talking to Greta
Victim talking to Greta
Victim talking to a group

Safe to say, a lot of wrong has been done. This is my account of it, and I promised transparency. Believe what you will, but do be careful about what source you want to believe, because they may be lying to you.

Oh while we’re on the topic of dishonesty! We mentioned Anthony Schenck a while ago. Guess what we found out about Mr. Schenck? The interesting stuff starts on page 5…

Yep. Marijuana, Methamphetamines, Assult, Fraud, Unauthorized use of a vehicle …and this convicted felon represents Protocol Kills?


This is a lovely recent post that Greta made… How many times can the pot call the kettle black?

Commenters name and image removed to protect their identity


Here’s the full chat with Greta. Make your own conclusions. Please click on image to expand.


I know of at least 3 groups that she has ruined a relationship with and spread lies about, and at least 20 people that have come forward about what Greta is really like.

The real Greta has fangs.

It’s not my intent to persuade anyone’s way of thinking one way or another. The damage has already been done and nothing can change that. You’re all free to make your own judgements. This is just my honest account of everything that’s happened. Knowledge is power, and Truth above all is most important, not ratings, not how many followers you have, not how many social media posts you make, but being true to yourself and being honest with others.

Stacey Gianpoalo

Stacey Gianpoalo – Dartmouth, MA
Died: January 4th, 2022
St. Luke’s Hospital – New Bedford, MA

Stacey’s story is being told by her sister, Katie. Born in Derby, Connecticut, she resided in Ansonia, Connecticut for most of her life and graduated from Ansonia High School. Stacey relocated to Dartmouth in 2019. She was employed as a manager at Target in Dartmouth where she made many friends. Stacey lived with Katie and her 2 daughters: 9 and 13-years-old who just loved her so much and all their friends loved her. The kids all lovingly called her Sista Stace. She was like a big sister to all of them.

Stacey was only 21. She moved to MA from CT to live with my family as soon as she graduated high school. She was part of our family my 2 girls loved her. She worked at Amazon and then target she worked her way up to a manager position in six months. She worked 10 hour days, six days a week. In October Stacey got Covid she was sick for about a week but it was manageable.

December 17 she slept out at a friends house. They went out that night and had a great time. Saturday afternoon when she got home she said she was tired and wasn’t feeling well. So she slept all night Saturday all day Sunday. Monday morning I got a call from my husband I was already at the grocery store. He said she was coughing and sounded really bad. I called her and once I heard how bad she sounded I told her she needed to go to the emergency room. She resisted and said she wanted to just sleep it off but I insisted that she go. She got to the ER and didn’t even have a fever.

They took her back did bloodwork and a chest x-ray. Her oxygen was in the low 90s. Her chest x-ray showed Covid pneumonia. It was definitely Covid and definitely a new Infection. The doctor said it must have been a different strain than the first time for her to not have the antibodies. She got the Monoclonal antibodies and they didn’t help. The doctor was going to put her on ivermectin but by that point she needed oxygen. Ivermectin was no longer an option protocol was once oxygen is needed they don’t qualify for ivermectin. The doctors in the ED could not figure out why she was so sick. She shouldn’t have been that sick. She had no comorbidities besides her weight. They consulted with the pulmonologist and he could not understand why she was so sick and why her lungs were so damaged. They had no explanation I could tell how defeated they felt.

On Wednesday her doctor called and said she was not doing well at that point she was on CPAP and her oxygen was in the 80s. They needed to transfer her to ICU for BiPAP. I asked the ICU doctor for a high dose vitamin C and zinc. He said he’s never seen that help but it would not hurt either so he gave her those things on top of giving her the remdesivir. She did OK on the BiPAP or even texting me on Friday Christmas Eve saying that she was feeling so much better. She really thought she was getting better she just did not want to get her hopes up yet. During this time I was not allowed to see her. The protocol was a negative PCR test or a vaccination card. I could not get a PCR test anywhere.

My sister from Connecticut was able to come down and see her from behind the glass. So there was a lot of FaceTime calls and texting. Saturday she sounded a little more down we attributed that to it being Christmas and her being sad she wasn’t home. On the Sunday her messages started to sound a little jumbled Like she just writing words that she wasn’t meaning to say. Again we figured she was just tired. Her throat was so dry Everytime they tried to remove the mask to give her a drink her oxygen dropped. She was also starting to cough up a lot of the stuff that had been settled in her lungs. That made her nervous so they had her on high-dose Ativan to help calm her nerves.

The doctor began discussing ECMO We had asked several times to have her transferred to Boston. She was not stable enough to go and would have to be intubated to go. The doctor fought her a case for ECMO they did ECMO in Boston. She was denied they said she was not a candidate because of her weight. The doctor said at this point the only thing she had on her side was her age. Monday morning I spoke with the doctor and he thought the ventilator is some thing that would be happening soon. Her oxygen was in the low 80s and her co2 was high. I called back and spoke with the nurse and fought with them to let come see her.

They finally gave me 20 minutes and I was able to see Stacey for the first time. It was from behind the glass my sister just looked at me and cried the entire time. I tried to turn my head away so she couldn’t see me crying and I kept telling her that she was going to be OK. Her body was so tired and she just needed the rest. Within an hour of me leaving she was on the ventilator. She did it while on at the first few days they were proning her every night.

After a few days they didn’t even need to anymore. Her oxygen was in the high 90s even 100. She was heavily sedated they were even able to start weaning down her paralytics. They got the ventilator down to 55% then 45%. The doctor called me on Sunday, January 2. He said he was cautiously optimistic that she was going to make it. He really thought she had turned the Covid corner. As long as she remained stable they would start talking about taking the ventilator away later on the week.

We Finally felt like we could breathe. I had not even updated anyone we didn’t want to jinx things. We gave everybody the update that night. The next night on Monday her kidneys were starting to fail. She wasn’t producing any urine. Tuesday morning I got a call her heart almost stopped and they thought it was a good idea to come in. So my sister left from Connecticut and my husband and I headed to the hospital. By this time they had already put an arterial line in. Her body was too weak for dialysis so they had a different form of dialysis that was less harsh on her. The Doctor said her heart could literally stop at any moment.

Once my sister got there we headed back. We were not allowed to go in the room with her still. They said her viral load was so high and she was still so contagious. If we went in it could only be for a few minutes and we would have to immediately leave the hospital. We would not be allowed back and would have to quarantine. They scared us into not seeing our sister. We were able to get on the phone she had a speaker in her room. They had her on all of the cardiac medicine possible to resuscitate her.

They told us chest compressions would not do anything but cause more trauma to her body. So we made the unthinkable desicion for DNR. We told her how much we loved her. How strong she was how much she had fought and how much we would miss her. We told her it was OK to let go and we just loved her so much. We watched as her pulse went from 170,80,165,140 and as her blood pressure got lower and lower until she flatlined. My sister died alone behind glass She had no one there to hold her hand.

The hospital would not do an autopsy it would have cost us thousands of dollars. Why would they not want to do an autopsy to figure out how this could happen to a 21-year-old kid. The doctor said he did all he could they followed all the protocols and gave the remdesivir. I didn’t know how bad that drug is. These protocols have to change.

Michael Lee Hood

Michael Lee Hood – Midwest City, OK
Died: September 26th, 2021
Oklahoma City VA Hospital – Oklahoma City, OK

Michael’s story is being told by his sister Sue. Michael was born May 17, 1962 in Neubrucke, West Germany to Earl and Ruth Hood. Earl was stationed with the US Army at Baumholder Germany when he met Ruth. Michael was the oldest of 4 kids and the only boy. He would tease his sisters constantly. After we lost our sisters, it was just Mike and myself that were left and we stayed close. Michael was a free spirit who loved helping others. His generosity extended beyond his family to helping others that he saw on the side of the highway. He never failed to stop and assist as needed. He didn’t have much but did a lot with what he had. He would give the shirt off his back to help someone in need. He had 5 kids and loved them all. I think if he had any favorites, it would have been Mat Hasty. They had just recently reconnected and were working on building their relationship and he was ecstatic about it. Michael loved going to yard sales, flea markets, eating out, and every evening coming to play cards at my home. That seemed to be the highlight of his day. Yes, he would cheat if he could get away with it but he was a good card player and we certainly miss him. Playing cards now is very hard as I always look over to my right, where he would always sit, and imagine him sitting there, picking on me yet again. Michael enlisted in the US Army to serve his country and it was his country that let him down.

Michael was my brother and he didn’t have to die. The middle of Sept this past year, we all became sick with the same symptoms and this included my brother and his girlfriend Ronda. For us, after trying home treatments for a week and still not feeling well, we went to the doctor on the 15th of Sept where she prescribed ivermectin, doxycycline, and steroids for us. We were diagnosed with pneumonia, strep and I myself had a double ear infection on top of all of the above. My father, who lives with us, was also prescribed a nebulizer to help with his breathing as he was 79 at the time and the pneumonia took a toll on his body.

I was texting Michael and Ronda daily to see how they were doing and they were feeling under the weather. At one point, Michael told me he was starting to feel better and that Ronda was still sick. I didn’t think anything of it since we had all been sick.

On the 11th of Sept, he went to Target down the street to get some NyQuil so I thought he was feeling better. Once we had been on antibiotics a few days, I was feeling well enough to head over to my brother’s house to check on him and Ronda. I brought over chicken noodle soup and left it at the door since I wasn’t completely recovered myself.

The 17th of Sept, I went to see my brother and his oxygen level was in the low 90’s high 80’s. He was walking and talking and just felt tired he said. He wasn’t eating. I took him and Ronda to Family First Urgent Care in Yukon and they were both in there for an hour and a half. Ronda sent us a text that they were ready to be picked up so we went to get them and she said they needed to go to Target by their house to get their medications.

We dropped Michael off at the house first and left to go get their prescriptions filled. When it came time to pick up the medications, I looked at what Ronda had picked up and it was all for her so I asked her where was Michael’s medication and she said they were still working on his so I asked why was it taking so long and she said she didn’t know so I told her I was going to call the urgent care to see what’s going on and that’s when she backpedaled and said that maybe she heard them wrong and that he didn’t have any meds to pick up, that he was told to go to the ER. That upset me so we took her home where I told Michael that I was coming back the next day with antibiotics, and a nebulizer.

I went back to his house the 18th only to find his oxygen down into the low 60’s so took him to Oklahoma ER hospital where he spent 6 hrs. They discharged him with an oxygen tank, steroids, and antibiotics. He said he was feeling much better so we were hopeful. I started Michael on Ivermectin, Doxycycline, and steroids Tuesday the 21st of Sept so I felt he finally had a fighting chance. We continued monitoring him for the next few days and I asked him if he would mind if I paid for a hydration infusion via IV and he said that would be great. So I had an appointment for hm on Wednesday the 22nd of Sept and the guy showed up and instead of giving Michael the IV, he told my brother that he needed to go to the Er and convinced both Michael and Ronda that he needed to be in the hospital.

Ronda told me this via FB messenger and I told her NO HOSPITAL. We got into a heated argument and she stopped talking to me and I told her I didn’t get to say goodbye to my brother. Michael was admitted Wednesday the 22nd of Sept to at the VA hospital in Oklahoma City. They immediately wanted to vent him and he said NO. I called and spoke with a male nurse by the name of David and told him we did NOT want Michael given REMDESIVIR. He said ok.

Thursday, the 23rd, they called Ronda and wanted her to come to ICU to convince Michael to be put on a ventilator. She went but she said it wasn’t to convince Michael to be put on a vent but to see him. She also told them she had a medical power of attorney and that he wasn’t to receive any REMDESIVIR or be put on a vent. They told her that if he refused to be vented, he would go home on hospice and die. Michael then said that’s what he wanted to do. He was placed on hospice, continued receiving REMDESIVIR up until he was officially released from the hospital. Michael wasn’t given any food or water during his stay at the Va, only IV drip. He was essentially a hostage in that hospital. Michael came home Saturday the 25th of Sept about 12:30pm after Ronda threatened to go to the local news channel about this, and once hospice left, I began giving him ivermectin and doxycycline again. I gave Michael the ivermectin in his mouth and I noticed how bloody his mouth looked. I assumed it was because of the bipap he had on. After hospice left, Michael wanted to have oxygen via the tubes and not the bipap so we said ok. He said he could not breathe with that thing on. I spent the next hour with him and he could not get enough of the Pedialyte freezer pops that I bought for him and ice. His mouth was so dry it broke my heart. I left about 3 and told Michael that I would be back in the morning and left Mike’s meds with Ronda to give him at set times. I told Michael that I loved him and would see him tomorrow. He said I love you too, sis. I never saw my brother alive again. I had no idea that they continued with the Remdesivir the entire time he was there, not knowing that his organs were shutting down so that by the time he got back home, he didn’t stand a chance. I guess I was hopeful that they had listened and not given him these dangerous drugs. I stayed in touch with Ronda via messenger and text to see how he was doing. She told me that Michael tried to get up to go to the bathroom but forgot he had a catheter on. I thought that was good as he was wanting to get up and move about. I asked her if Mike still wanted the IV infusions and she said that it was funny that I asked as he had just asked her if I was still willing to do that. Of course, I said yes and would get it scheduled next week. Next week never came for Michael. Michael was kept hostage at the hospital so the VA could collect money off him. They killed my brother by their protocols. He didn’t deserve this and he didn’t deserve to die this way. We were all sick with the same symptoms, other than strep for my family, and we all recovered except Michael. Only difference…………………..he went to the hospital.

Douglas MacKenzie

Douglas MacKenzie – Miami, FL
Died: September 11th, 2021
Seguin Medical Center – Seguin, TX

Doug’s story is being told by his beloved wife, Roxanne. Doug was born in San Rafael, California on September 6, 1966. He moved to Miami, Florida when he was just an infant where he met and married the love of his life, Roxanne. Their 20th wedding anniversary was September 8, 2021.

Doug had a smile that would light up a room. He had the natural talent and personality to make friends no matter the situation. His laughter, humor and quick wit was infectious to those around him. He was a faithful man of God and true to his family and friends. He was always there to help those in need and never asking for anything in return. He was a kind and generous man. No was not a word in his vocabulary. To say the least he was extremely proud of his wife and daughter. He was a family man and they were the most important people in his life.

My story begins when my husband started driving a semi in mid or early June 2021. He had his first 14-day trip and it went successful, they immediately hired him to be their trainer. Second trip was fine. Came home for 3 days and left for his final trip. when he left he was not feeling well. Not sick not well. Within a couple of days he was feeling sick, sore throat, fever, and aches and pains. A few days later it only became worse. He wanted to come home and told the trucking company that he thought he had covid and he couldn’t breathe. However, he continued to drive because he didn’t want to lose the money in escrow and or the money he had already earned. He was the primary household support.

He was driving and sleeping most of the time and he had another driver in the vehicle 24 hours a day. Why the other driver did not contact anyone to say my husband was dying is that complete mystery to me.

Anyways, the last day Saturday August 28th, I talked to my husband in the afternoon he was leaving Arizona and entering Texas on his way home to Miami. He was crying that he was having a difficult time breathing and just wanted to come home he did not want to go to any of the hospitals because he said once they put you on a ventilator you die. Evidently he passed out around 11:00 p.m. that night at a truck stop. The co-driver immediately called 911 and the paramedics arrived at the scene. They immediately gave him oxygen because his levels were 52%. He immediately woke up and responded answering questions about his wife and daughter. He told them we had both tested positive that day for covid and that he felt way better and wanted to come home. They told him they had to transport him to the local hospital just for testing. He even walked himself to the ambulance with assist.

Upon arriving at the medical center he was responsive and able to answer simple questions and move each limb of his body his blood test all looked great a few things were elevated slightly. The report states that he was able to respond to commands. Then in comes the ER doctor who immediately said Vent him!!!!

Nobody called me! He refused to be vented and was combative. As soon as they vented him they put him on sedation morphine and paralytics. I called every day to speak to the nurse one time a day for 20 minutes and nobody would give me any information whatsoever except that he was doing good. There was a wonderful pastor over there who would call me a couple days a week and let me FaceTime with my husband who was fully medicated in paralyzed. After 10 days they allowed me to fly there with our little daughter to see Doug.

Let me not forget the part where my husband coded, the nurse stated the morphine levels were very high and my husband was not tolerating it well. They put a trach in him and lower the medication rate.

When I went to see him everything look lovely even though the three days that I was there I saw the doctor for 2 minutes after begging and begging and begging to talk to him. His response to me was your husband is critically ill. I asked him why were you going to transfer him to a long-term assisted living facility if he is that critically ill. No response! He had a very very poor bedside manner. I asked him why my husband’s face was black and blue, and it was 10 days post the incident. No response.

They removed sedation and paralytics for the 3 days they allowed me to be there. He was maintaining his own on the vent in hopes that he would come off soon.

I came home to Miami on 9/10 in the evening and first call in the morning he was passing they had to give him sedation again and paralytics. He was doing fine without them. I don’t know what happened, I’ll never know what happened.

Three whole days from morning till night I was there and he was doing completely fine without paralytics and sedation. The minute I leave back to Miami he Immediately worsens. A direct result to them.

I put the two and two together! Fine in the ambulance. Fine when I’m there. Went in the hospital immediately deteriorates both times when no one else is around to see. The hospital is 100% direct result of my husband’s death and their protocols.

Ryan Ograyensek

Ryan Ograyensek – Taylor, MI
Died: January 3, 2022
Beaumont Hospital – Dearborn, MI

Ryan’s story is being told by his beloved wife, Stacy. Ryan had a big heart, and an even bigger personality, able to make friends wherever he went, and always making those around him laugh. He graduated from Light and Life Christian School of Taylor in 1998, then attended Henry Ford College in Dearborn and obtained his associates degree. Ryan enjoyed traveling, and a goal of his was to travel to all 50 states, crossing several off his list before his passing. He and Stacy traveled frequently, enjoying each other’s company on everything from cruises to road trips together. Ryan was ever ready for an adventure, having swam with sea lions and belugas, held chimps and tiger cubs, and even stood inside a shark cage. When he wasn’t working, Ryan was an avid collector – of comic books, movies, collectibles, coins, and even side businesses. He loved gaming, especially those that involved critical thinking and solving puzzles.

My husband of 13 years, together 25 years ( over half my life ) who was my Highschool sweetheart, was murdered by hospital protocols. He was only 41 years old. We met at age 15 in a private Christian school .

On November 21st . I took my husband into the ER at a hospital in Dearborn, Michigan, as he was suffering from pneumonia. I didn’t want to take him in, knowing how bad protocols are. I have heard the horror stories. I begged my husband not to go because his oxygen level was not that bad. I wanted him to wait it out as the next day we were picking up ivermectin prescribed to him by a doctor. 4:00 am he woke me to say he really thinks he needs to go in. He figured they would just send him home with some oxygen maybe give a steroid shot and a new antibiotic. Every fear i had came true. Before I left him at the ER, I made sure to remind him not to take Remdesivir or allow them to put him on a ventilator. He promised me he would not.

7 days after being in the hospital and on a oxygen mask his oxygen was still doing pretty good. Staff told me his oxygen was in the mid to upper 90’s ( Normal range ). Same time i had a dr call me to ask me to convince him to go on a ventilator. I told him I would not do that. My husband was even confused as to why they were pushing that so hard. The doctor told me on the phone that he told my husband “we will vent you with or without your consent”. When I told him I believe that is illegal, he hung up on me. I quickly text my husband to make sure he knew that i did. NOT CONSENT to a ventilator. I tried calling back to the hospital and got no answers. It was later that night that the same doctor called me just to inform me my husband was vented hours ago. I never got to talk to my husband prior.

I began then pushing for ivermectin to be given to him, which was one of his home meds prescribed by a doctor. I went to court and got no where with that. So I began calling anyone I thought had power to help. I got a hold of patient relations department and they told me “If you find a physician willing to give it, they would allow it and protect their jobs”. I don’t think they believed I would find anyone. Yet i found 4 someone’s.

Prior to me finding the doctor, I had nurses routinely tell me “These protocols are not helping patients. Nothing we are giving them will help them get well. We are literally letting patients die. We are not allowed to give them anything that may help , due to politics “. I had doctors even say the same thing. One doctor in particular comes in my husbands room while I sat at my husbands bedside and said to me “. I would love to give him ivermectin, i think it could help him. I would give it to my own child if it were them laying there. However, due to politics controlling our health care system sadly today, my hands are tied, i have to think of my paycheck and my livelihood first”. I just snapped there was no asking nicely after that. I told him “This Christmas, while you’re with your family, i want you to have visions of me sitting here beside my livelihood and begging you the only one who can help him, who took a oath of do no harm to save him, while you stand there and tell me your paycheck is more valuable. Shame on you. Most come into healthcare to save lives not earn a paycheck, but now we know where you stand sir”. I told him and his 2 nurses behind him, that one day they will have to stand before the Lord and I would not want to be them when that day of judgment comes.

It was after this meeting with that paycheck motivated dr, that the next day, the administrator comes to my husbands room with a police officer and asks me to come to a back room. There she began to tell me they don’t like my attitude in the hospital and I’m effecting the nurses care. I told her what the dr had told me about his paycheck before lives comment and asked her what attitude she thinks I should have? She stayed quiet and took notes. She then changes the direction and told me that a nurse seen me going into other patients rooms, and that is health threat /violation. At first I was angry of being accused of this and told them this is not true and they know it. However, I thought on it and realized, they have cameras everywhere inside that unit. In my husbands room, i assume all the rooms and in the halls. They clearly know if i did or did not , so they know that answer was no. So what they were saying without directly saying it, was ….. you keep messing with our protocols and speaking out like you are, that will be our story and that will prevent you from seeing your husbands again. I was being set up with black mail more or less. It was then I realized how deep of a evil game this hospital was playing.

When I found a doctor willing to try ivermectin and the other vitamins etc recommends by the frontline doctors. He told me he just wanted to know there were other doctors who had his back. So i took all the doctors i found on board and brought them together. COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS. The next day I came into the hospital to find the nurses waiting for me. They gathered around me to tell me “ we are proud of you for standing up and doing this fight. We need it. Know you are not alone, we have your back “. One nurse printed up a bunch of articles on ivermectin helping to save lives. Research articles that he said would hold up as credible documents. Told me to give these to any doctors questioning it. The nurses gathered around me and thanked me. Then apparently they gathered around the dr I found to. Let’s just call him DR M. For now.

Dr. M came into my husbands room to tell me that I was right the other drs names i gave him are all on board with supporting him and the nurses on the floor gathered around him to say that too. That was good enough for him he said. He said “lets do this”. I asked if I could give him a hug and he let me.

Next day I brought the meds up for ivermectin to be given. I had to have it inspected by the hospital pharmacy to confirm thats what it was. The pharmacy made a attempt to stop it from coming up. They wanted the administration to deny it. Just because its not protocol. The nurse asked “when did this become our new policy in how we do things ?”

I had to call Dr M about what was happening and he contacted the chief of staff to get the meds brought up as they should be. We succeed and got the meds to my husband. By 9 pm on that Monday my husband was given 76mg of ivermectin his first dose. He was set to be given it for 5 days and if it shown positive results it would continue for 10 days. The first night it was given his blood oxygen level went from 64% to 100% over night. His Vent setting went from 100% to 65% need in 3 days. My husband was improving. He was holding his own at 100% pulse / blood oxygen level and steady heart rate and blood pressure while weening off the ventilator. I finally at last could go home, shower and relax.

Then before the 4th dose was to be given. A Dr from infectious disease came in just to revoke him off the ivermectin. To remove DR M orders. Saying because its not hospital “protocol”, and that we were giving him “horse pills” . Then she took herself off his case. A Hit and run if you will. No communication prior during or after. She handed the case over to another dr that has never worked with my husband, and no communication with us prior, during or after.

My husband began to decline in health after he was cut off from what was working. A little research into his/ her drug company payouts shows that they are paid by ( her – Janssen ) & him – GILLEAD which is the company that pushes Remdesivir over ivermectin. Yet both are listed as a treatment option on the NIH website . Motive perhaps, right?

Days later i come to check on my husband and find him sweating all over without a fever. His pulse oxygen was dropping and I didn’t know why. The nurse on staff with him didn’t act like this was out of the normal. So I called Dr M to tell him what i was seeing, he knew right away he was going through a cytokine storm. The nurse on staff had no idea what that even was. keep in mind this a ICU unit where the news says they have covid patients all the time, yet they never heard of a cytokine storm. Something I myself knew what it was. His body was basically attacking itself. I heard Dr M say, “if we don’t act fast and do something now , we may lose him tonight” . Dr M. Put him on a high dose steroid 9 times the strength of anything he was given. Dr M said he should of been on this long ago not the “Protocol” low dose steroids they give everyone routinely. Dr M put him on the heavy dose steroid, and Benadryl every 4 hours. My husband went through a long night. I stayed beside him for 17 hours straight praying over him. He made it through the night and his pulse oxygen was back in the 90’s and a nurse who has worked in ICU for 40 years was with him. I felt safe to run home and feed our pets quickly and return. I was wrong. Just like when visiting hours end is when every family sees changes for the worst in their loved ones. I got a call in the 4 hours or less I was gone, that a dr from the ICU until got his nose out of place that DR M wrote him a order for that high dose steroid that is not “protocol”. The ICU Dr wanted it revoked. He told dr M that is not your patient today that is his. He won’t break protocol. Dr M told him, if you take that man off this drug especially cold turkey like that you could kill him. Should this be about what is best for the patient, vs whose patient that is? This is not a turf war Dr M said to him. I had to call the chief of staff to get on this and fix this saying i want this ICU dr off my husbands case effective IMMEDIATELY cause i fear for my husbands life. I want dr M back on his case NOW. We got it corrected and the ICU dr conceded off my husbands care. Though that gap in medical care / attention took a toll on my husbands body. He blood oxygen level was now at a dangerous 40%. His body was now in fight or flight mode and trying to keep his vital organs functioning. ( heart, lungs, brain ). Letting the rest of the organs die off. I was called to get back there cause my husband was dying. Dr M sat with us and cried cause he tried so hard to save him against protocols. He told me doing CPR if he codes would not prolong his life but his death. The hardest thing I ever had to hear. I was losing my best friend. He was being ripped from me by greed. The hospital was getting around 45,000 from his death alone, not counting the days on the ventilator pay. There was not a price tag on my husbands life, although the hospital thought differently. I played our wedding dance song one last time. Me and You by kenny chesney and told him how much I loved him and how proud of him I was, and I told him how sorry I was that time ran out and I couldn’t save him from this. I told him to go home and be with Jesus so he could watch over me in the next battle cause my fight was not done. This is not done. I won’t let his death be in vain. I’m going to scream the truth from the mountain tops. My husband was MURDERED. They stole our future. Every dream we had planned. Starting a family, gone, travel plans, cancelled, His new business lost and so forth. He was only 41 years old, and so much to live for. He never needed to be vented or given Remdesivir like he was. They destroyed not one life but 2. For mine will never be the same. I wake up to look at 4 walls and live in silence. No laughter, no human touch, no conversations, no dreams. Just a nightmare i can’t wake up from. Everyone that is taking money for letting this happen will be held accountable. If not in trial here soon, then judgment day. I would not want to be any of them. No job in the world is worth this. If they all stood up and said no more. They would force change. Until then, I plan to fight for it just like i did for my husbands life /civil rights. I plan to make changes happen. I will not let my husbands murder go unnoticed and his life be in vain. They messed with the wrong power couple.

Thank you for letting me share my story, I can’t believe our love story is ending this way. I never would of thought it was this bad in hospitals. The hospitals and the oath keepers of do no harm are responsible for countless amounts of lives leaving this world this way daily. May God have mercy on their souls. May God help me to push forward and find our next chapter.

Stacy has a GiveSendGo setup to help with her legal battle she has ahead of her. If you’re able to, please consider donating to help her fight. It can be found here: https://givesendgo.com/Ryansfight

Douglas Moore

Douglas Moore – Buchanan, MI
Died: January 16th, 2021
Beacon Memorial Hospital – South Bend, IN

Douglas’s story is being told by his beloved wife, Kelly. Doug was a 1977 graduate of Buchanan High School and went on to work for FedEx as a truck driver for 20 years. He was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, uncle and, most of all, friend. Doug enjoyed fishing, camping, and spending time in his barn. The loss of this man will not only be felt by his family but by the entire community. He will be fondly remembered for his love of Jif peanut butter, and he will forever be the peanut butter to Kelly’s jelly.

My trauma started on Dec 21, 2020. My Beautiful husband, Douglas Moore, said he had a backache. It was a Sunday close to Christmas, so I said take tomorrow off work. He did and his HR called to say he had to take a Covid test to return to work, he was livid. I called our Dr. and he had the test. On Friday 18th our Dr. called to say he was positive. He told me to quarantine and wear a mask, which I didn’t wear. I asked him to call in Hydroxychloroquine, he said No it doesn’t work. He said Doug’s healthy just let it run its course.

Doug still was feeling bad. By Saturday he had a bit of nausea and said it was like the flu. Sunday he was running 102 fever and was weak. Monday the 21st he was so weak and still running a fever, so I called our Dr. at 8:00 left a message. By 10:00 Doug was turning grey and I freaked and called an ambulance. As soon as they put him on oxygen he was talking and waving to us from the ambulance. We followed him to the hospital, and I was so happy to see him feeling better but wasn’t allowed to go in.

They called and said it was Covid pneumonia. They said he should be home in a few days. That never happened. He could still talk to me the first week. That’s when the Remdesivir started. They were so proud to tell me in every phone call he was getting Remdesivir. We never were apart from each other, and he was getting so depressed. I begged his Dr. to let me see him. She called me and asked if I could get him to lay on his belly. He was so pissed and said you tell her to unhook the IVs and he would.

The first week he called me and said he was getting two shots in his belly. I said no, it’s one for blood clots. He said call the Dr. I’m getting insulin. Doug drove a truck for Fed Ex Freight and with a CDL insulin is a no-no. When I called his Dr., she said yes, it’s the massive amounts of steroids. She said Doug had already thrown a fit, but they were trying to get rid of the bacteria in his lungs. Every day they told me he had another bacteria.

By the second week, he wasn’t even strong enough to talk on the phone. He was on so much oxygen and a b pap. He sent me pictures; it was awful to see him all alone struggling. One day I got a text that he told the Dr.’s off and they knew where he was coming from. I called his Dr. and she said we had to put him on anxiety meds because he’s freaking out. Well, I said hell yay he is. He was scared to death. On Dec 30th his Dr. called to say they had the bacteria under control. We were celebrating. By midnight on 30th, they called me to say he had to be vented. They said talk to your husband.

Doug said I love you, I love you, I love you and that was the last time I heard his voice. 45 minutes later the Dr. called and said he was vented but didn’t think he’d make it. By then my husband’s best friend was with me. He talked to the Dr. and told them, wait a minute this morning he was better. The Dr.’s response was it’s Covid. The next morning Dec 31, I got a call from a Dr. saying your husband’s a candidate for the ECMO machine. He said Doug’s organs are healthy, but we have to move him to a hospital three hours away. I said we’ll you won’t let me be with him now you better save his life.

He arrived and his new Dr.’s updated me on ECMO. I had no clue I just begged them to save him. I got a call from his new Dr. telling me he has blood in his urine and asked if he had any prostate problems before. Umm, No. Remember Doug was healthy. Then a few days later his kidneys were shutting down. They blamed the high doses of Lasix. They were going to slow it down. Then his heart started to fail. They were going to up the Lasix again and I asked about his kidneys, and they said we’ll worry about them later.

We face-timed Doug every day even though they kept him sedated. It was torture every day and I made sure they knew it. If I heard, we have to follow CDC guidelines one more time I was going to scream. On Jan 13th his Dr. called and said we need a family meeting, and I could bring one person. My brother and I went and they told me he wasn’t going to make it and they had to shock Doug’s heart that morning. He said you need to make the decision to take him off life support if you want to be with him. I said can I have a couple of days. The Dr said we can’t guarantee we can save him the next time, so you need to decide soon.

They let us go see Doug and I could hardly bear it. A one-inch tube coming out of his neck with his blood circulating. What have they done to my strong healthy husband? We had a somber three-hour ride home. I talked to our kid’s and we decided I couldn’t let Doug die alone. On January 16, 2021, at 2:10 he took his last breath. A part of me died that day. We were each other’s content for 27 yrs. He was my hero a. It’s been a year and I can’t get past what they did to Doug. This hospital Covid protocol has to stop. Thank you for letting me tell Doug’s story.

Austin Miles

Austin Miles – Jacksonville, FL
Died: August 4th, 2021
Baptist South Hospital – Jacksonville, FL

Austin’s story is being told by his beloved wife, Cristi. Austin was a father of 5, an amazing partner and amazing cook. Always fun loving go with the flow Pisces. Born in Tampa, from Plant City. Head prep at Grumpy’s, He was her ‘Hippie head ginger love muffin’.

My story is actually a horrible nightmare that began on July 21, 2021, the day that Austin was admitted to Baptist South with a partially collapsed lung. The lung was successfully reopened in the ER, but after positive COVID test, he was admitted for some reason. I was made to believe that the tube had to be removed at that hospital, but the pulmonologist Dr. Trent and daily doctor, Dr. Patel had other plans. Plans to make my husband, amazing father to our 5 children, other half of myself, part of a statistic to fatten the pockets of the greedy healthcare system.

Austin showed numerous signs of secondary infection while waiting around to have his chest tubes removed. I begged several times for him to be placed on antibiotics, but was rejected every time. I was never allowed to go in the hospital the entire 2 weeks that he was in there. His white cells were high, he was having discolored mucus when he coughed, he couldn’t catch his breath as easily as the day before, he had a fever after not having one for several days.

They refused a 40-year-old healthy man, refused, refused. Until they finally did a 3-day culture on his blood the day before he died. They still refused to put him on preventative antibiotics. Even though he still had the chest tubes with unchanged bandages. Even though he showed all signs of secondary infection, antibiotics were again refused. On August 3rd, I was waiting for a call to let me know that they were putting him on antibiotics but instead was met with a doctor on the other line letting me know that Austin had to be emergency ventilated without my consent. A man who was just joking with his wife an hour before this emergency procedure through text messages.

I was not in that room and will never know if he really gave them consent. The following day, 24 hours and 24 minutes later after being put on the ventilator, he was dead from cardiac arrest. I happened to call the hospital to get an update and found out when I called that he was going into cardiac arrest and was dying. The hospital did not even call me to tell me he was going into cardiac arrest! The chaplain was already in the room and knew what was happening before I was even informed what was happening with my husband.

Why didn’t they call me and tell me he had gone into cardiac arrest and was dying? And guess what happened next? They finally let me in the room where he died, which was the same room he was assigned, with no negative Covid test, so I could say goodbye to his body. Why wouldn’t they let me in there while he was alive? Because they are hiding things. Please help us get justice for our spouses.

Timothy Lagasse

Timothy Lagasse – New Bedford, MA
Died: January 18th, 2022
Tobey Hospital – Wareham, MA

Timothy’s story is being told by his beloved wife, Angie. Tim worked as a maintenance contractor for CMHS in Dartmouth. In his spare time, he enjoyed wood working and giving to anyone in need. He was always Patriotic and a member of the NRA. He was a devoted father and husband.  Tim proudly served in the United States Army National Guard.

My world crashed Not sure where to begin for everything still seems to be a fog. My husband went in for a routine Covid testing weekly or his company that he worked for on December 26. Upon going for his testing he had entered into three houses for the disabled that were Covid positive for which they failed to let him know this. Once my husband received his test stating that he was positive he went about his day at home with us. He did let his company know that he’d have to be out because he was positive. He felt fine up until December 29 when he started becoming short of breath and more tired.

On December 30 I took him to one of the local hospitals where he proceeded to tell them he was Covid positive and was not vaccinated. The hospital decided to do a chest x-ray and sent him home with an inhaler within 35 minutes of being checked into the hospital. He proceeded to get more symptoms through the weekend but thought nothing of it because he had the inhaler and a steroid that the doctor had given him from his primary care provider.

On that Monday he contacted his doctor because he really wasn’t feeling well trouble breathing and now developed a fever. She proceeded to increase his steroids and issue him another inhaler. She also informed to tell him that the chest X-rays from12/30 showed he had COVID pneumonia( for which the hospital never told him).At this point I tested positive as well with minimal chest pain and no fever. By Tuesday, January 4 his color seemed off and he really wasn’t doing well. With a suggestion from my doctor to purchase a pulse ox I had tested his oxygen level with it and he was 70.

At this point I drove him to another hospital 30 minutes away where I knew he’d get better care at this hospital. Once we got to the hospital it just seems like a battle the moment we walked in the door. His color was turning purple and he was beginning to struggle to breathe. Finally after persisting that he needed to at least be looked at by a nurse they brought one out and his oxygen level was 72.

They rushed him into the ER room where they put on the nasal cannula and also the facemask for oxygen. His levels came up to about 89 while they bolus him with fluids and proceeded to give him IV steroids and an antibiotic. We had to stay in the ER for about two days because there was no beds in the ICU. The doctors discussed doing an experimental medication that was a one time deal used for a cancer patients and studies for Covid patients. They administer this medication with no success.

He then had to have the bipap machine placed along with the nasal cannula. Since the very beginning they also started him on remdesivir every day starting January 4 until January 18 when he passed. His condition became worse and on January 10 he was startled from sleeping woke up and pulled off his BiPAP machine.

Once he did this is oxygen level dropped to 50 and they had to do an emergency tracheotomy and put him into an induced coma. During this whole time his lab work remain completely normal and the only abnormalities was his radiographs and his lung production. At this point I was told he had developed ARDS. Through the following weekend of the 17th I noticed in his medical chart that he began to develop another fever with some nasal and mucus discharge of a color being present.

No antibiotics or treatment was given until that Monday when I discussed it with the doctor that was on for that week. At this point they decided to do antibiotics and more steroids to help with now the secondary infection that he had acquired. One Monday night I received a phone call at 6 o’clock to go visit with my husband because they didn’t think he was going to make it the night.

I was able to visit with my husband and his best friend came with me to spend the last hours of his life together. At this point my husband while we were there had two heart attacks and his oxygen level was barely in the 40s. They had him hooked up to 10 IV pumps of all sorts of medication that I am not clear to do this day on what was in them. My husband proceeded to go into another cardiac arrest and at this point his oxygen level was 10 to 15 with no respiration rate within the past four hours.

My husband passed away at 2:52 AM on January 18, 2022. Up until he became sick with Covid my husband had no co mobilities at all, he was denied the possibility of the antibodies treatment and also ECMO even when he was first admitted because he wasn’t a candidate .

Seemed like he is just a number in this process of being treated as though his rights to not get the vaccine caused him the proper treatment protocol he should have received. Once the doctors heard he wasn’t vaccinated and they said he was obese ( 5’5” 240 pounds) they seemed to keep maintaining the same course of action that the CDC placed forth.

Jarret Lord

Jarret Lord – Bradenton, FL
Died: September 4th, 2021
Manatee Memorial – Bradenton, FL

Jarret’s story is being told by his wife, Patti Lord. He was a proud Penn State alumni and Dad of 4, he coached lacrosse, basketball, soccer, track, and volunteered with their son’s Boy Scout troop. He and Patti were together for 24 years and would have been married for 20 in December. He loved playing xbox with his friends, golfing, skiing, and spending time with his family.

In August of 2021, myself, my husband and our four children sold our house in Philadelphia and decided to move to Bradenton, FL. My husband had asked me for years to move, and I always had an excuse. Finally, after eighteen months of being locked down, we were moving to a state where you had a choice. A state that allowed you to have a voice, and no one judged you for it. 

August 21, 2021 my husband felt achy and displayed flu like symptoms. two days later he took an at home test and tested positive for covid. Three days after my husband started his symptoms, I began showing symptoms myself. The first seven days my husband had a handle on his symptoms, until the ninth day when he decided to go for the monoclonal antibodies. The following day (August 31st) he drove himself to urgent care where his oxygen was in the 70’s. I picked him up and drove him immediately to the local ER which was Manatee Memorial Hospital. 

So, I sat in the ER with my husband until they triaged him, and that is when they told me that I had to leave. That is the last time I saw my husband alive. We communicated through text messages and through Facebook messenger because the reception in the hospital was very spotty. Through text I learned that my husband was sharing a room in the ER with another gentleman who also had covid. This gentleman happened to be vaccinated, and magically he was transferred to a room in the hospital. My husband had an x-ray done which he discovered he was suffering from covid pneumonia. He sat in the hospital overnight waiting for the next steps of what could be done. He had bloodwork taken, and that would determine if he could be treated with remdesivir. 

Sept. 1, 2021 Infectious disease team came in to discuss that remdesivir would be started. Remdesivir treatments are approved and started. My husband communicated with me that there were no blankets, or pillows in the hospital and needed to be dropped off. He also made it known through text messages that he asked for a commode over an hour ago, pain meds, etc., and it was almost impossible to get a nurse to attend to him.

After several attempts of trying to call the emergency room, I had no luck. I called someone in administration to ask why my husband was still in the ER, and the woman let me know that there were other patients in worse condition that needed the room. I explained that my husband was on 100% oxygen, only sustaining in the high 80’s-low 90’s with full oxygen. It still did not matter. She would not here a word I said.

On Sept. 4, 2021 at 2:36 a.m. I received the worst call of my life. I answered assuming i would hear my husband’s voice on the other line. Instead, it was the voice of a woman. The conversation goes like this.

Woman: Mrs. Lord?

Me: Yes

Woman: I’m calling to give you and update on Jarret

Me: Ok

Woman: We found him 20 minutes ago

Me: You found him? What does that mean?

Woman: Can someone bring you here?

Me: My Mom can. What do you mean you found him? Are you saying my husband isn’t alive?

Woman: I’m so sorry….

Upon arriving to the hospital with our two younger children the stares and the glares we received from the hospital staff was daunting. I looked around and saw one nurse wiping her tears as fast as she could. I went into the room to view my husband’s body, and I began touching his chest and rubbing him. Only to be screamed at by a man that sat there watching me, and he said, “Now you have to go wash your hands and put gloves on.” I was numb, so I followed his orders to do so. After Identifying my husband’s body, I asked what should we do now? The hospital staff member said she would bring the nurse manager in. They put four chairs for us to sit in, and pulled the curtain to cover us. A few minutes later a woman pulled back the curtain and said,  “What can I do for you?” It was said with the least amount of compassion, and empathy that I have ever heard. At that point I just wanted to leave. No compassion, no empathy, not even the slightest bit of understanding came from a single staff member. My husband was just a number to them. My entire world, came crashing down, and he was just a number.

So, after all of that, after the numbness wore off….I sent for my husband’s medical records. I knew something did not add up. I learned that my husband was found on the floor, and believed to have been deceased for about thirty minutes before a code blue was called. He was only discovered on the floor because a staff member happened to walk past his makeshift ER room and see someone lying on the floor. What happened to monitors going off?  Every page on his records said, “Unvaccinated”, and they even had in there that “wife also has covid”.

My mom was a nurse that was on the covid floor, so she gave my husband many suggestions while in the ER. Her biggest one was to get onto your stomach. His response was, “I am too weak and they have not suggested it.” After speaking with one of his nurses they told him no he’s too big and too weak. I also had a friend that had covid pneumonia who was not given remdesivir because he had covid pneumonia. The protocols country wide is not making sense. No one is on the same page! After two years of this nonsense why are we not using medication that works!!!!

I am living proof that ivermectin works!!! I too had covid and was three days behind my husband. My breathing was taking a turn for the worse. I found a doctor that prescribed me a cocktail that saved me! It included ivermectin, steroids, antibiotics and nebulizer treatments every four hours. I am here today because of number one, not going to the hospital, and two, because I took alternative medication that actually saves people.

Murrell Bradley

Murrell Bradley – Hummelstown, PA
Died: January 6th, 2022
Hershey Medical Center – Hershey, PA

Murrell’s story is being told today by his daughter, Deanna Slamans. Murrell served in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard as a military police officer and was an employee at the former Bethlehem Steel Corporation., as a crane operator. He was brilliant and very talented. He played the flute and was gifted in drawing and also loved playing chess. Murrell had a beautiful singing voice and was a member of United Baptist Church, where he sang on the choir. When he was younger, he sang in a quartet with his brothers and their father. Murrell was a thinker. He liked to read, watch the news and talk about current events and politics. He enjoyed being with his family and loved being a grandfather.

My father’s name is Murrell Bradley.  He entered the Hershey Medical Center, in Hershey, PA around 8:30 PM on December 22.  The reason we called the ambulance is because upon visiting him he was confused, short of breath and very thirsty. He had urinated on himself because he was too weak to use the restroom.  He has never done that before.  I had never seen him so weak.  He was trembling. When the EMT arrived his blood oxygen level was 88%.
Upon arriving at the ER they tested him for COVID.  They also said his kidneys were malfunctioning and his pulse was very rapid, in the 170s.  They hydrated him and placed him on a low level of oxygen to saturate it while they waited for test results.

When the results ended up being COVID positive they admitted him and continued to treat his kidneys and heart rate.  He was not in respiratory distress.  I have the medical records that state that as a fact.

Once admitted I was told I could see him.  It was Christmas Eve.  My twin sister was also in Holy Spirit Hospital in Camp Hill from a hit and run accident and she was on life support. She had two brain bleeds and a fractured skull.  So, I chose to visit her because I thought she would die that day.

I spoke to my father on Christmas day and he sounded good.  He called me by my nickname “Little Bit” and I wished him a Merry Christmas.  I asked him if he knew he had COVID and he said they had not told him that.

On December 26, his kidney functions returned to normal and his heart rate in the low 90s which is typical for the elderly.  He was still on the oxygen and they said it was now at 94% with the hi-flo vent nasal cannula.

On December 27, I received a call from his attending physician stating it was urgent and that I needed to decide to intubate him.  Immediately I went to the hospital (it is 10 min.) from my home.  When I arrived, I was told I could not go and see him.  I argued that there were visiting hours over the Christmas holiday.  They said the rules had changed.

I called the attending physician back, Dr. Aktbar (sp?) back and asked if she could prescribe to my father Regeneron.  I was told he was not a candidate because he had the Omicron variant and that one was resistant to the antibody treatment.  But when I asked if she had performed a genome sequencing for that variant on my father, she said they had not.  She just assumed he had that variant. 

That is when I got upset. I knew then that she had lied to me and could have been lying to me about all sorts of things.  I asked if she could consider treating him with IVM before the intubation.  She said it is not their protocol and it is not effective.  I requested HCQ.  She gave me the same reason.  The EUA did not permit that.  She stated that he was unvaccinated and that their protocol was intubation for the unvaccinated.

I asked her what the likelihood of him recovering on a ventilator was.  She said it usually doesn’t end up good.  So I told her that her treatment doesn’t work and that she needed to find other acceptable treatment for my father.  She did not respond.

I then asked her if they were at least giving him Vitamin D, Zinc, and NAC.  She said no.  I asked why not, because he is vitamin D deficient.  She did not answer me. I left the hospital in a puddle of tears.  I came home and told my children and husband that Grandpa was going to die in the hospital.  That day he was placed in the COVID ICU.

I had hydroxychloroquine at home and IVM, but I was not permitted to visit him.  Our family thought of taking him out of the hospital, but it was the holidays, we were unsure of the availability of a visiting nurse or anyone at that time of the year.

On December 28, I was introduced to Dr. Mole in the Medical ICU.  They continued to treat my father with the nasal cannula at my request.  That evening they began to place my father on a BIPAP facemask at night (not sure why at night), to help keep his oxygen levels up.  They began treating him with dexamethasone.  They had refused remdesivir due to his liver screening results.

In the meantime, I am continuing to visit my twin sister who is unconscious and has no idea our father is fighting for his life.

On December 29, I was told by Dr. Mole that my father was stable and improving!  They continued to cannula but were giving him dexamethasone and an antibiotic for what they said is covid pneumonia.  But I had been told previously his lung scans were clear, and have the medical records to prove it.

On December 30 and December 31, I spent a lot of time on the phone with Dr. Baric and Dr. Ruben who kept insisting my father needed to be intubated. He was pulling the bipap machine off because he was aggravated with it on.  I told them to figure out a way for him to keep it on.  I also asked if they had been giving him his haldol.  He takes it for schizophrenia.  They stated they had not been.  It calms him some. 

I requested a meeting with the hospital social worker.  She told me the hospital had agreed to a meeting with me.  I continued to suggest other therapies.  Instead, they explained his oxygen levels were poor, and they let me see him, FINALLY!  He was lucid, and we joked some.  He said he missed us, and our puppy, River, laughing. He was sedated but just had the BIPAP machine on.

On January 1, they intubated him because he kept pulling his mask off.  They began the rotation of flipping him on his stomach (prone) for 16 hours and on his back (supine) for 8 hours.  This was to get rid of the CO2 build up in his lungs.  They continued him on the ventilator for 5 days.

On January 6 around 6:30 AM I was called and told he was losing oxygenation quickly.  His heart stopped in the middle of the night when the nurse turned his head. At 7:00am I went with my children to say goodbye to  my father.  He was pronounced dead at 7:40AM.